O, Gomer, You're so fine.

 We are always in full swing here at Gomer's House. This week, Denbigh has mostly been concentrating on getting foam board on the ceilings between the second and third floors. It is amazing what it will do to a space. We go from dark, drafty longleaf pine to the bright happiness of living inside an igloo cooler. Of course, as lovely as it is, it will get covered with sheetrock and antique tiles. 

I have mostly been in the studio working on photographs and paintings. I sold 20 this past week. You can imagine, it kept me busy. I am working on getting everything in an etsy shop as well. Thank you to everyone who has purchased some artwork from me to help us with the restoration effort. We are deeply concerned about those around us and your help is priceless to us. Thank you.
 "Wandering Heart" This is being shipped out of state tomorrow. This is 16x20 available for $20.00.
 This is in the master bedroom.
 The bathroom on the second floor.
 Yes, there is a table full of canvases, but I am showcasing the new curtains. 
 We are slowly and surely plodding along with our repainting amidst all of the other things that we are doing. 
 The front door. 
Here is another little canvas I did. It is for a little girl's room. I am wrapping it in a prayer for salvation and adding some ribbon to hang it from. $15.00

Have a blessed week!


Rachelle said…
I definitly want to buy your art about sleep. It's very nice. Lately, I have had trouble sleeping and have been looking at verses about rest and sleeping. When I saw that beautiful painting,the first thought in my mind was...I need that on my wall to remind myself every night that Jesus wants me to have a good nights rest. How can I buy it?
Steph Cherry said…
I sent you a message. xo

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