Final 7in7

I apologize on behalf of my wife.  She does such a faithful job of blogging every day.  This past week, she was incredibly generous to allow me her blog space to share songs I'm writing as part of the "7in7" songwriter's challenge.  And challenge it has been.  I've missed a few days, and so her blog has been absent the past few days.  We've been on the road the past 3 days, plus with being a dad, my day always seems full.  Finding time to not just write a song, but to also sit down, record it and post it is tough to do 7 days in a row.  If you've been counting, this is actually only #5 in 7.....but this is officially the last day of the challenge, so that's good enough for me.  It has been a useful but incredibly frustrating exercise.  

I told Stephanie that the hardest thing for me was that it's completely foreign to how I normally write songs.  God usually gives me songs one of two ways:  Sometimes, he'll give me a song immediately, and it will flow onto paper in about 10 minutes.  "Astounding God" was one of those.  And sometimes, he'll give me an idea to ponder....sometimes for a very long time.  I'll write bits and pieces and phrases down, and then maybe not come back to them for a year or so.  "I'm saved" was one of those songs.

So this idea of trying to sit down and come up with something out of the blue was pretty difficult for me.  Hence, you probably won't find any of these songs on my next album.  :)  Here's the last one: 


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