A Little Rebel Becomes A Saint

Laomai and I recently began reading the books in the Childhood Character series by Ralph Bouma. It designed for 9 to 13 year olds, but my four year old loves it. We read a chapter a day and she couldn't wait to hear what happened to the character next. It teaches lessons that build faith and develop character.

New Edition of another 19th century classic! Charles, a rambunctious orphan, is adopted by a wealthy older couple, but it quickly becomes clear that his adoptive father, Mr. Raymond, is a very ungodly man, while Mrs. Raymond is a devoted Christian woman. 

Throughout Charles' childhood, Mrs. Raymond patiently but firmly trains Charles in the discipline and instruction of the Lord, as he struggles to learn the ways of the Lord. Charles constantly finds himself tempted to many disobedient behaviors. Through the trials, blessings, and lessons of Charles' life, children learn many truths about walking with God and resisting the temptations that arise out of the evil in our own hearts.

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