The Gristmill in Gruene, Texas

 My friend Margaret and I decided to converge on Gruene and dine at the Gristmill. It was terrible fun. If you are going to go, I suggest you take Margaret. She's a hoot. Email me, I'll give you all her number. Margaret has just adopted her forth son and I just think that is beautiful. We dined. We laughed. We celebrated. We ate the chocolate pecan pie. 
We both just loved the man in the above photo. We don't know him. You would think we thought people were characters in a novel by how we people watched.
 Margaret's Potato Skins and Sandwich came with a horseradish sauce that will rock your world.
 My Chicken Fried Chicken was delicious.
 Margaret and her sandwich. I thought she needed to be in black and white because she's sophisticated.
 A Local Bed and Breakfast. Isn't it charming?

 I think I can make this table and bench.
 What is calling you?
 Be thankful. 
 I loved this bird on the head picture. I thought it needed a caption, "Now, where did I put that bird." Really, it's quite the whimsical picture.
 I want some of these ridiculously high priced chimes.
 I had a pickle there.
 Margaret's blog is entitled In Utter Defiance of Trendy-ness. That's why I had her pose with this sign. Irony.


rachel neil said…
Those potato skins look yummy.
I make slice potato fries in my frying pan, real easy to do and so tasty.
check out my food blog:

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