Merry Christmas- Here's a picture of me.

My husband thinks a Christmas card isn't a Christmas card unless it has a picture either in it or on it. He will act like he is going to toss out the cards without pictures and he will laugh to himself. Don't be offended, you photo-less people. He simply wants to see your face. He also has a tender affinity for making cards of our family for everyone. Nothing says, "Merry Christmas" quite like a photo of . . . you. I was excited to share with him, and with you, all the great deals at Shutterfly this Christmas. I have started making my card with pictures we took as a family and our starring roles in the nativity at Bethlehem to send to our family. Look out world, we will be releasing a fabulous Shutterfly photo Christmas card to the world in the next few weeks. 

Design a Christmas card.
Best yet, make your loved ones a calendar so they can celebrate 12 months of you.

If you are a blogger, you can receive 50 free cards (register today).



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