Gomer: Baby, It's Cold Inside.

It's that time of year when I think I might like to go live with my mom. It's cold here, friends. We currently have one room insulated. It's warm in there. Nineteen more rooms to go. That's always my joke when we finish something. Well, all jokes aside, cold is my kryptonite. I am worthless. Last year, I was downstairs cooking and I had burned my hand. I didn't know it until later because it was so cold that my hands were numb. Then, during that particularly hard freeze we had in January, it was a frigid forty-four degrees in my bedroom. I stuck my phone out from under the blessed electric blanket to take a picture of the thermostat. I thought, "One day, this will be funny." 
One day it will.

I sat down with the Lord and was asking what He wanted from me for Christmas and He asked the same of me. I thought about it. I wondered if paying our house off or kitchen cabinets and a sink would fulfill my desire. Perhaps a thousand dollars of insulation and 10 guys to pump it into our walls. I think He will surprise me. For Him, I know he wanted us to buy some Bibles for some addicts in my neighborhood. They are such beautiful people. Since we are living on faith for absolutely everything, we don't have a lot of money to spend. We are trying to sell some things and get others involved to buy some nice Bibles. The story is truly amazing. I would love to tell it to you. 

I read something by Edith Schaeffer a while back and a line has stuck with me. "A stable seems like a perfect place for a lamb to be born." I loved that. It seems an odd place to human reasoning, but it was perfect to the Lord. As we walk through this advent season, I want to be wherever God wants me to be. We will continue to trust His ways as they mold us and shape us into being more like Christ. We just keep asking and trusting that God will provide for us in His mercy. Denbigh and I are deeply grateful to be allowed to participate in what God is doing in the lives of the people here. Thank you, Lord for how You are going to provide and for how You love.



A-Town said…

Your words are always so encouraging. Thank you for sharing your journey with your family and God. It's a beautiful story to share, and continue adding to. :) Love you guys!

Steph Cherry said…
Thank you, Andrea. God is faithful. I wish I could tell more of the personal stories. Anywho, I am grateful that you are encouraged by our journey. I hope you are fabulous! <3

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