Monday, December 20, 2010

Brain Overload: If God Is Good

I just closed this book. It has proved to be 495 pages of exquisite biblical exegesis on suffering. My brain is swimming through all that this book has brought up for me to meditate on. I am not even sure what all I am going to include in my review (coming in the next few days). I underlined and dogeared a fourth of the book. Randy Alcorn can certainly put things of great depth into simple language so that we can all understand. I think America should sit down and peruse this book. I would hardly ever see anything wrong with asking for deliverance from a situation. What I know personally, a tenet magnified in this book, is that sometimes pain is our deliverance. God can glorify and reveal Himself in the midst of our suffering in ways that He cannot at any other time. Randy, you can write. You can write alot. I am impressed. In all of the 495 pages, I never thought that the writing wasn't brilliant or necessary. Kudos. I can't wait to unpack this, go back over my notes, and write a review.


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