Talk to me, Abba.

Put away all pretense. Hear the echoes of my salvation. Come up to me and tell me everything you are afraid to. Rest here, like a child in their mother's arms. Come with me and rest. I am doing something expansive and beautiful inside of you. Let me. Do not focus on the behavior of others. Let me change you. Let me mold you into someone who benefits those you love. If you desire to see Me in those you love, ask Me. If you desire anything, ask Me. Stop trying to use techniques to speed your journey to holiness. Ask Me. Ask. I give out the fruit that you crave. I give it out to you and your children. Ask Me. I long to lavish love on you and remind you of the beauty I have given you. I long to be with you. Put away the trappings of church and employment and popularity and enjoy me as I AM. Enjoy me, Beloved. Come near.

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