Jesus Calling: Deluxe Edition by Sarah Young

The new leather edition of Jesus Calling is beautiful. In it, we see Sarah Young who has spent several decades as a missionary to the Japanese, open her heart to hear from God. She would sit down with a pen and a journal and wait for the Lord to speak with her. This book is the fruit of that labor. It is full of the lavish love and wisdom of of a Father poured out on His child.

Honestly, when I first saw this book, I overlooked it. I thought the title made is seem cheesy. I had no idea who Sarah Young was or anything about her. I thought this was another cutesy book on the Christian book shelves. Then, God told me to read it.

Even as the book arrived in my mail box, I could feel the Holy Spirit calling to me in it. I have been trying to cultivate a similar practice into my own prayer life. As we listen to the Lord speak to us, He reveals beautiful things and messages of depth and tenderness. Each day I read spoke volumes to me and ministered to me as a mentor of sorts. Her story of coming to Christ in the intro of the book is worth the read all on it's own.

Do you want to cultivate a more intimate relationship with the Lord? He longs to speak to you. Pick this book up and learn to listen.

This book was provided for review by Thomas Nelson Publishing Company.


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