Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus

"In the story of the prodigal son the act of asking for inheritance while the father is still alive is shocking. It implies a wish that the Father was dead. It would have shocked Jesus' audience. No Middle Eastern father would have been expected to forgive the offense of such a son. We can see in this how shocking God's acceptance really is. We tend to think of sin as an infraction of the rules. The story Jesus tells makes it clear that our own sin is not just an infraction against a set of laws, but a terrible offense against God, our loving Father. By taking the good gifts we've been given- our time, money, talents-and running away to live life our own way, we are acting like the prodigal who turns his back on his father, sells the ancestral lands, and the squanders his inheritance. It is tantamount to wishing God were dead.

We see Jesus live out this parable and playing the part of the loving father when He dines with tax collectors and sinners. This is something no self-respecting rabbi would be expected to do."

I have been amazed at how seeing the Jewishness of Jesus could bolster my faith. I am sure you will hear from me about this book many times in the future. When we see the Bible in the context of it's Jewish origin it becomes amazingly clear. I highly recommend it.
This book was provided for review by reader Christine Fahs. Thanks Christine!


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