Today we buried my grandmother so I am taking a break from the norm to tell a few stories about her. I will write more later in the week. 

Lucille, MaCille, Lucy. She was by far the strongest woman you would ever meet. Her feisty attitude and warmth preceded her everywhere she went. Today I was thinking of her telling Denbigh about her returning home from one of their stays at the White House to realize she had left her girdle. Denbigh asked if she got it back and she gave him a look and said, "Denbigh, who are you going to call at the White House to get your girdle back?!"  Once she and DaBo had dropped off some paintings to LBJ and Lady Bird and she saw that he hadn't paid them the right amount of money. She called Lyndon up and told him about it. He never let her live it down. He would always say," what woman do you know of that would call the President of the United States and tell him that he owed her more money?!" That is just the woman she was. Strong. Fierce. Passionate. Helpmate. She was a beautiful picture of how a woman can encourage and stand behind a man in everything she did. I celebrate her vibrancy today. 
I love you, Cille.


nicole's nickel said…
Glad to see your post. I enjoyed the story so this is where some of your spunk comes from!!! Love ya!
Tiffany Atwood said…
I love this woman - I can't wait to meet here on the other side! Thank you for sharing her with us. I love you! :0)
Anne Smith said…
i see the family resemblance! maybe someday soon you and denbigh will visit obama in the white house. love you.
Steph Cherry said…
I think I would have to pass on that White House visit. :O)

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