Lady, Are You Speaking English?

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Let us begin our journey together.

In Bible Study Fellowship this year we are studying Moses. Something stood out to me that has not  before. I think in my mind I thought that all of those Israelites in Egypt were there loving the Lord and being persecuted. I thought they came up with the random idea to build a gold cow because they were terrified. The historical and biblical reality is that many of them looked more like pagans than a holy people set apart. They built that gold cow because it was comfortable. It's what they knew. Oppression was comfortable because it was accompanied by choice food and wine. It was accompanied by a tangible deities you could hold in your hand. They thought a little Asherah or Baal or Ra  worship wouldn't hurt if they just added it in the mix with God. That was not the case. It's not that grace does not abound in disobedience. It definitely does. The fact is that we silence the very One we are trying to hear when we turn to talk show hosts, word of faith preachers, and self help gurus. God desperately desires to talk to us. He desires to allure us into the quiet to hear His voice. We day after day drown Him out. We have a choice to be the remnant that petitions God to save His people or the people God saves in spite of themselves because of His faithfulness. 

All of this reminded me of Romans Chapter 5. While we were still sinners Christ died for us. While we still preferred the pagan comforts of Egypt. . .
Random News: Today I got gas for $3.08! Please continue to petition God for provision for Gomer's House. I got my Reeces Pieces. Denbigh wants me to blog about Barney so that will come later in the week. Stay tuned. 
Shiloh is tonight!


susan said…
Did you happen to be in Austin when you paid $3.08 for gas? Care to let us in on where this particular station is ? :) mean Barney the Dinosaur? :)
susan said…
oops....sorry...forgot to add "Congrats on the Reece's Pieces!"
Steph Cherry said…
Walmart on Slaughter.

Yes, Barney the dinosaur. I have taken spiritual issue with him.


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