The Moon Was Grieving

Our church had a Passover meal on Wednesday evening. I had been to one before, but it was much more like a demonstration than an actual meal. This was incredible. The picture painted for us was incredible. The lamb was delicious. There was so much joy. 

Then tonight, Maundy Thursday service came. It is a tradition of washing of the feet as a reminder of Christ washing the feet of His disciples. At the end of the service, there is a stripping of the altar. Every single thing is removed from the pulpit area. Every vial. Everything. The church goes black and everyone slowly leaves without saying a word. Then, you look back through the glass doors of the church and you see this where the altar was.
As the things were being carried away, I began to grieve and tear up. I cannot imagine Christ being taken from me. My heart was heavy with mourning. On the way home, we looked up to this deep orange red moon that was cloaked in black clouds. It just seemed like even the moon was grieving. I greatly anticipate Resurrection Morning. Come, Lord Jesus.


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