A Real Hootenanny.

We had some Methodist missionaries here over the last few weeks. They did a little taping and floating of the drywall around the house. While my husband was gone, I textured our bathroom with Italian Plaster. I did it from 11p.m. to 1 a. m. each night. You should have seen me trying to open the five gallon bucket of compound. It is one of the hardest things to do. Basically, it's just ridiculous. I also began some staining in our guest room. I really want to finish this room so that we can lavish some serious love on people. If you want in on this, let me know. We need a new bed and mattress in there. She (the room) also needs some work. I wholeheartedly welcome your help. As we come across people who need to be alone with Jesus, to be refreshed by the goodness of the Lord, I always want to have a special place prepared for them.

I have been wanting to start a little farm here. We have a couple of acres. That's all a girl needs, right. I bet that Proverbs thirty-one woman could have fed her whole village with that space. Each year, I have tried some different things to get an idea of what might work well with our soil. This year, I have bought veggies and trees. We bought a Granny Smith apple, a Golden delicious apple, a lime, and our third grapevine. When Uncle Terry passed away, I thought it would be beautiful to plant a tree in his honor so we bought an avocado for him. I don't know about you, but I love trees. We planted a Crepe Myrtle on our eight year anniversary and I am hoping to plant another this year for our tenth. I love the verse that tells us God will give us Myrtles where thorns used to be.

So, we are planting, y'all. May the ultimate cultivator grow these plants for His glory and our provision. 

I am still waiting on a countertop as well. I have the money, but I do not have the okay. You know, that little nudge you feel when God tells you it's time. So, we wait with our plywood. Whatever is He up to?
Denbigh's uncle passing away has really impacted our family. It gives you focus. It makes you want to do things your heart desires to do and to not be afraid any more. I want to make room for people and do things that bring life. To be creative and out of the box in full view of others requires a person to examine what is important and bravely choose to continue on in the face of adversaries. Let's do the thing, shall we? Come here. Let's be courageous together. It might be cheesy, but, I hope you dance. I hope it's a real hootenanny.

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LOVE that quote. today is not a day to be wasted.
the Lord is giving me freedom in that area currently.
Praise Him! :)

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