If the Creek Don't Rise

There are seasons of life where you feel like you can't get anything done. My problem is that I have to map out my day according to three small children and then I must rely on my husband to do many things. I have sort of figured out how I can squeeze in fifteen minutes of work here and there with the babies, but my husband has been steadily unavailable for months. If it's not work, an emergency, or company, it's illness. On Monday, I had him all set to finish these tiny areas of drywall in the bathroom so I can finish the Italian plaster. That's the exact moment that illness occurred. We had a stomach bug last week and it finally got to taking down Dad. I was thankful it didn't hit him on Sunday and he was able to lead worship. Still, it's frustrating. Man makes plans and the Lord laughs at them. Have you ever heard that saying, "Lord willing and the creek don't rise"? That's where I am at. 

Lord, keep the creek from rising so we can get some things done.

Like I said, I have almost finished the bathroom texture. I have been doing it late at night after the wee babes go to bed. I'm in there with my ladder and my five gallon bucket of mud. I'm really thrilled with this. That bathroom has been a dark spot on the face of the earth for far too long. I also started working on the moulding and floor in the guest room. It's a tedious job and also one I get to do in fifteen minute sections. All of the cracks in the moulding and wood have to be filled in. I read about an old timey trick of putting thin rope in the cracks of the floor before adding the putty to keep it from cracking. My guess is that it is supposed to act like rebar would in concrete. I'll let you know how it goes. 
I'm thinking about buying this bed. (https://www.etsy.com/listing/112952014/painted-cottage-shabby-aqua-romantic-bed?) I haven't completely decided on it. Does it look welcoming and beachy to you or do you think a four poster bed would look better? My heart is to have a guest room that warms and envelops people. What would convey comfort the most? Tell me what you think.

So, y'all, did you know y'all can be y'all or ya'll depending on if you are abbreviating you all or ya all. Anywho, pray with me that the creek don't rise and we can get some things done around here. Summer is just around the corner along with months of traveling. Help us get Gomer gussied up and ready for guests. Amen.

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