Help Wanted by Darlene Brock

My dear friend Nicole lent me this book that her aunt wrote about raising daughters. I just love the title, Help Wanted. Girl, do I ever want help.

This book is different from most every other parenting book I have read. The author is a Christian, but this isn't really a "follow these biblical principles" kind of book. It's practical, every day advice that is periodically infused with the author's faith.

I enjoyed reading it. As you all know, that is hard to say about a lot of parenting books. It's relaxed, conversational style is easy to sink into. Mostly, it reminds us to relax. We put all this pressure to perform a certain way and God has given us each a unique journey to follow. We each must have grace and give grace for our girls and other moms. I liked the viewpoint because it reminded me to chill out and just enjoy my girls. Love does amazing things in the life of a child.

I had recently been reading in Man's Search For Meaning about the deep psychological need to have meaning in one's life. It propels a person to goodness and hope. Darlene follows along with this concept. Encourage your girls in the things they are good at. Give them hope in Christ. Enjoy their beauty.

If you wonder how on earth you are going to have the sex talk or navigate the junior high years, start here. It's a light-hearted and encouraging read.


maggie may said…
sounds like a fun read. if i ever get a daughter, i'll check it out ;)
girls would be fun

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