Don't Wear It Home.

Do you ever just find your head just swimming over all this nutritional information? I really try not to jump on bandwagons about things. It just seems like everything that the scientific community is so certain about ends up being not right. The problem is that we don't find this out until we've been eating what they told us to for 10 years. I read an article the other day about fish and pregnant women. It said that perhaps they were wrong about pregnant women eating it all along. I think our real problems are just that we feast on processed stuff like there is no tomorrow. Get out of the McDonald's line on get off your derriere and I bet you'll be fine. Pay attention to what makes you feel bad. Eat real food. Make it a priority. 

I signed up for My Fitness Pal a year or so ago. You log your food and exercise on it. I was continually struck by what portion sizes actually were and what was hidden in the food I was eating. For example, it is much better for you to get the Italian Nachos at Johnny Carino's than a salad. Really, you have to check everything. The thing that was so shocking to me, however, was what I was not getting. Now, we ate well before, but I was no where close to hitting the mark of getting all the nutrition I needed each day. It took me months and months to get a good real food plan that we could sustain. There's a goal to start at. Get what your body needs. Keep that liver humming and it will tackle many of those toxins you are worried about.

Don't give in to unhealthy food pushers who try to shove sugar by the bucket down your throat. You know what I am talking about. Remember, you have to wear all the food you eat just being polite. Don't wear it home, love. Eat what you truly enjoy. Eat real food.

Trust Jesus to care for you, friend. We really have no control over many things we would like to think we do. Focus on feeling good and caring for the image of Christ in you. 
Trust Him with the rest.

A few weeks ago, I splurged and went to have some bubble tea with my gal pal, Suzi. I thought that I would share with you the happiness that adorned the top of my cup. The Tea Lounge in Southpark Meadows is great fun!


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