Deadly Little Secrets by Kathryn Casey

A few years ago, I wrote about some people I know in the blog post Pastor On Trial. I recently read the book about the trial of Matt Baker because my mom was reading it and I thought it would be something we could talk about.

It gripped my insides and flipped them inside out. I know, to think that the enemy has not infiltrated and tried to take control of the church is ridiculous. Of course he is in there. To see how far he will go is truly maddening.

I knew much of the details of the trial being so close, but there were details about Matt's upbringing that I had not heard before. In the end of it all, I felt desperately sad for everyone. People were quoted in the book as saying that they couldn't believe a man of God could do this. I didn't feel that way. I thought long and hard about my own depravity and the unrighteous nature that grips us all. I prayed that this whole thing would be used of God to reconcile people to Himself. I'm praying for Matt and both families with great heaviness of heart.

I thought Kathryn did a great job of handling the subject of a pastor in a murder trial. I was wondering if she would take the opportunity to bash Christianity or religion, but she did not. She spoke with great tact and simply reminded people what can be done when we attempt to use religion for our own gain.

I had this type of poisoning/murder happen in my own family and it was hard to read the details of what happened and the completely emotionally detached personality that could carry this action out. How do people end up there? We must grieve for the things that strip people of the simple ability to love.


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