Real Life Real Miracles

I wasn't completely sure what to expect when I opened this book. I didn't know if this would be another book that focused on people getting gold teeth or clucking like chickens. I am just being honest. I think the devil tries to distract us from true miracles in the simple lives of people with outlandish things that do nothing to remind us of the grace and provision of God.

This book does not male a mockery of the goodness of God. It does quite the opposite. It shows the intimate miracles that God performs in the lives of those who love Him. Sometimes, it shows how God reaches in to the lives of people who are running from Him. It is story after story of healing and provision.

There are so many different testimonies of how people would be healed from sickness with no medical explanation. There are stories of physical protection in dark alleys. Countless times we see God's providing hand show up with exactly the amount needed. Each story is ended with the person's name and location. It adds great validity.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book and was reminded with each page of the great things God has done in my own life. There were some stories about people passing on and speaking to their loved ones in dreams. I think you have to be really careful with this kind of thing. I would be easy to be confused or tricked by something of this nature.

Great read.


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