Here's Looking At You, Gomer.

 Well, we have had some serious bouts of sickness here. We were sick before Christmas and then recovered. We went to visit family and were given sickness and fever again. Everybody went down. Even sweet baby Chayah was fighting a 101 degree fever. Right now, as I type this, all the Cherry girls are sacked out and rubbed down with Vick's. Here's to hoping we are on the mend and can get back to work soon. Nothing has been done here but constant tending to of people and wiping down of surfaces.

So, I experienced a miracle this week. I asked God for some provision and it showed up. It didn't just show up, it showed up in our bank account. I am thankful that Jesus hears our prayers and stirs the hearts of saints to be His holy pocketbook.
We also have a grand group of people coming to work on our house for three weeks starting in mid-February. They are retired people who help with Christian causes. How awesome.
My prayers for this next year are to grow what we are doing here and reach out to more people in our area. I'm asking God to clear away our financial constraints so that we can use our resources to love others. Will you pray with me? Specifically, I have been asking God to pay our house off. In other areas, I've been praying for the house to be painted, a counter top, central air on the first floor, and phase two of fence. It's a lot, I know. To God, it's not even the change in the bottom of His bag. Besides, He loves us, y'all. So, we keep asking in faith that He will move.

Do you remember how I took up painting, inspired by the Holy Spirit and my grandpa, and made over ten grand? God took that and turned it into an amazing kitchen worth upwards of eighty thousand dollars. Denbigh raised over three thousand dollars making pie. We were blessed beyond what we can even say with donations and volunteers. I know whom I believed and I know that He is able.

There was some minor construction that came about here on New Year's Eve. We put together the tea party table our girls got for Christmas from Grammy and Big Daddy. They had chocolate deserts at it to celebrate the holiday. Our 5 year old was so excited to kiss us all at Midnight. I had just explained that you are supposed to kiss the ones you love at midnight. I didn't get to kiss my man 'till 12:01, but I don't mind sharing him with all of our sweet babies.

I hope you are overcome with God's blessings this new year. May you rest in His goodness.
Love y'all..

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maggie may said…
can you believe how God has used y'alls giftedness and passions to do great things?! He is so good. so good indeed!
love hearing about all that God is doing with y'all this year. and it's only the beginning of january! :)

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