Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What I Am Really Thankful For

Everyone does this "what I am thankful for" each day on their facebook status updates in the month of November. I have been participating. I am really thankful for everything in my life. I am thankful for the deep things of God all around us. I am even thankful for the shallow things of this life.

I have to admit what is really going on in my mind while I am writing things out each day. I am thinking that I am thankful that my daughters will not grow up in a culture that sells them into the sex trade. I am thankful that they will not know the horrors of sex trafficking. I am thankful that I do not know it myself. I am thankful that we have not sacrificed our children to the idol of culture and society. I am thankful that we do not live where war atrocities grip common life. I am thankful that my children will be given a chance to know Christ as He truly is. I grateful to get to educate at home and to be home. I am fall down on my face thankful to get to love people who are hurting so deeply that there are no words. Christ is good. How dare we complain.

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