Gomer Ships

I have sold about $1,300.00 in my quest for a new kitchen. That provides me with my copper dream sink and a faucet. Now, I can start working towards new cabinets and a floor. Then the dream will be to get a new fridge (ice box as I call it), stove, and dish washer. Oh the joys of modern conveniences. Oh, the joy of a floor. 

Synda was here working on the door again. It is her pet project.
The last few weeks we have been on the road. We have ministered to family and ministered at a week of camp for a Christian school. That means little got done at our house. That's hard, but it also gives us a huge desire to work when we get home. 

I have been talking to God about writing another book. My friend Pauline asked me last week if I wanted a desk that she had gotten from an attorney's office in Houston. Do you think it's a sign? The other funny thing is that a friend of mine has a desk very similar to it and I have long admired it. 

I have been doing some photo sessions to help raise money for Gomer. I may be letting the cat out the bag on their Christmas cards. I just thought I would let you see a sneak peek. 

Have a blessed Thanksgiving! May you be richly blessed.


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