This is Denbigh....so, this week I'm taking part in a songwriting adventure called "7in7".  Worship leader Aaron Ivey has organized a group of songwriters to write 7 songs in 7 days.  Quite a challenge.  The catch is, you have to post each of your songs somewhere for others to hear.  So today I chose my wife's blog.  The 7in7 is quite daunting, because it forces you to write and finish a song every day......even if the song stinks.  Which happened to me yesterday.  Tonight wasn't going so good either.  I was highly unmotivated and my voice just didn't really feel like singing.  Thankfully, our college student live-in at Gomer's House was home, Aaron Harper, who also happens to be a worship leader.  He sat with me at the piano and we cranked this out in about 10 minutes.


This is me on piano and Aaron on vocals.  Please bear in mind that the recording is very, very rough.  We just sung into my iPhone.


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