Waiting on God

Today, I had my second trip to the dentist in two weeks and I am returning tomorrow. I spend alot of time there lately. After I grabbed a salted caramel mocha frappuccino at Starbucks, I headed home with many things on my to do list. I have been stripping paint off of a bookcase and the outside of our house. I was busily working on it when a young man came to our door to sell us something. Normally, I wouldn't let anyone past the front door. I am not the type of person who buys meat or anything else from a guy in a truck, but today I felt God saying that I should allow myself to be interrupted. Sometimes, you have to stop working on preparing a house for people, to minister to the people the house is being prepared for. That makes things take a long time. I find that I am okay with that. I am okay because my husband ended up having a three hour conversation about the Lord with a young man that is broke and broken. Today, I am thankful for interruptions.
Have you ever seen the movie The Burbs? As I was walking around looking at all of the holes and piles of dirt being dug around our three story house I had a flashback to that movie. The Klopeks were burying people in their yard. I wondered if that is what we must look like to the neighbors. We are just burying cement pillars, but it's an odd look to have about your property. 
(Thanks to Jackie for working so hard.)
 Andy was still digging away on Friday.
 Then the ants for our ant farm arrived in the mail and we all had to watch them dig their tunnels.
 Denbigh started hanging foam board in the dining room. It's a big room. I can't wait to have fancy dress parties in it. I could fit 5 six person dining tables in there. We are talking about custom building a table for the room. Anybody want to help us shoot insulation into the wall? Then, joy of all joy, we can stain the floor! Please come help.
 Look at that glamour.
 Just a little thing I am putting on canvas. Stay tuned.
ooh la la.
 Denbigh digging holes under the house.
We rented a cement mixer for the day. It was really helpful as compared to hand mixing. It was 40 dollars.
Andy and Denbigh putting concrete into the cinderblocks (forming pillars).

You can see the rebar sticking up to help reinforce the pillars. Isn't this interesting. Leveling a house. Who would have thought it?
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Rachelle said…
I am going to try one of those frappes tomorrow thanks to your post...I'm so happy that you guys ministered to the young man. Things are looking nice :)
I would love to help you, so instead I'll make a donation within a few days. I believe in your cause. God Bless :)

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