Desiring God DVD

About a decade ago I took on the challenge of reading Desiring God by John Piper. I was sometimes overwhelmed by the wordiness and massive descriptions, but I found myself intrigued by what he was saying. The lavish love of God he talked about wasn't something I saw every day in the people in my church and I wanted to understand it. I would dare say it is almost discouraged in our religious circles. It seems to be the desire of God for us to desire Him in a lavish and passionate way. He wants us to enjoy Him. This study goes about showing us how to do that.

It took me a while to get through these, but it was well worth it. While reading the book was helpful and truly stimulated  my thinking about my relationship with God, I really found the dvds helpful in unpacking it all. This is something that should be studied and thought through. John is also great at explaining things via video that might be hard to grasp by simply reading it. It is an excellent study.

This resource was graciously provided by Multnomah Publishers for review.


Rachelle said…
thanks, lately i have been ordering a lot of the books that you blog about. they are blessing my life.

on an unrelated note...a while back ago, i read one of your posts about false teachers. thanks for having the courage to stand up when no one else will. i have several loved ones that follow olsteen, and myers. God showed me many things about thier teaching, as well after prayer. But thanks for not always taking the easy route. it takes courage to stand out.

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