Gomer's In High Gear

 I read a quote the other day. It stated that you could know if you had truly forgiven someone if you could wish them well. It got me to thinking. Our road here has been ridled with attack from what you would think would be the unlikeliest of sources. It's an amazing thing though because I have found deep joy where we are. I love it here. I cannot always empathize with people around me, but I can certainly do so in regards to the sinful condition. I understand the pain that binds us to things that we don't want to be bound to. I get it. The thing is, I feel real here. It's like the scene from The Velveteen Rabbit where the rabbit become real because she is loved. It is shabby and most of her hair has been rubbed off, but it is real. I don't mind having a little less fur if I can be here. So many times in church we try to act holy instead of being holy. God has slowly removed all of the pretense that surrounds us and that dwelt within us. We are much more apt to speak to hard, desperate places in people's lives than we used to be. We desperately want lives to be changed and have great joy in ministering to deep needs. It is a joy that I cannot explain to you. I am desperately happy in it.
 I wish I could calculate the number of people who have worked on these bookcases over the past two years. It had caked on yellowed white paint on them. The details are so intricate that we had to slowly chip the paint out of the crevices with small shards of glass. I know that there have been hundreds of man hours spent here. It's really a feat to behold. When I got the paint all off this are and was able to start applying stain, I wanted to high five somebody. No one was there. I high fived myself. That's the second time I had done that in a week. The other time was when my dentist said, "no root canal needed." Anywho, isn't it beautiful?
 This is the hole in our kitchen floor where the old pipes were taken out and the new pipes were put in. Before we can lay down new flooring, we obviously have to fix this hole. Chris Berry and Denbigh worked on bracing the floor to be able to put down a new sub-floor.
 One of our neighbors.Don't you just love him?

My view one morning while I was having my morning coffee and reading on the front porch. COme on by, pull up a rocker, and visit a while.


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