Evangeline Cafe in Austin, Texas

 I know a Cajun named Perry. He once told me to go to Evangeline Cafe and try the food. Along comes my friend Pauly who wants to go hear some live music and her husband is going to be out of town. Where does she want to go, you ask. Evangeline Cafe to hear Brennen Leigh. She goes here all the time so she started us out with some Evangeline chips and sauce. It's thin-sliced home fried potato slices with a special house sauce. A fabulous spin given to the regular table fare.
 On the top of this menu item were the words "house favorite." I thought I must try that. It was the Crawfish Evangeline. To me it was akin to crawfish etouffee meets rich, creamy fettuccine alfredo. It truly was delicious. It ran out far to soon. I think any Cajun would love it.
 My dear friend, Pauly, had the fried shrimp. She apparently has it every time she goes and she didn't want me to give her any flack about it. I might have. She also told me a story that she forbid me to share on my blog. We'll see about that. She let me try a bite of her shrimp and the dirty rice. The lightly breaded shrimp were delicious. I thought the dirty rice was the best I have ever had. She says that the sauce is really what makes it all good. Take note.
 Then we shared some bread pudding. It was yummy with a nice caramel sauce. I have actually only had this one time in my life so my knowledge of it is slim. I thought it was delicious. Light and yet decadent.
My favorite part of the evening, besides being with my friend, was the sounds of blue grass in the background. Brennen Leigh leads worship at Austin New Church and she plays the local live music scene. I absolutely loved it. I already want to go back and take my husband.

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