Fentress Fall Festival

 It was a fun week of preparations for our local fall festival. First off, our lawnmower breaks trying to mow the field to prepare for the classic car show. We call to borrow a mower from our neighbor and she shows up on this. 
 Denbigh gave me these. I just thought you would love to see them.
 I got to take pictures at the 5th annual 5k. This was the sign up table inside of our friend Cullen's barn. When he built this gigantic new barn, he used the wood from the old barn to make this interior wall. 
 My favorite group of runners were Old Dudes With Attitudes.
 My neighbor Suzi's barn. This would be a great backdrop for some portraits. Who wants to let me practice on them?
 And they are off.
 One of my favorite neighbors.

 This 70 year old guy won first in his division.
 Another of my favorite neighbors.
 My booth at the festival. I sold out of World Famous Tacos. In one day (online and here), I sold 12 paintings.
 At lunch on Sunday. All the people who lived here or grew up here come back once a year to fellowship and have lunch together.
At the festival.
 I sold a dozen of this painting. It comes in multiple colors.
I also sold a few of these.
All in all it was a fun weekend. I absolutely love hearing stories of people who grew up here. The people here put a huge focus on family. It is truly a beautiful thing. Mark your calendar for next year. 
October 20th, 2012


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