Ten Thousand Steps

I have been slowly integrating healthy habits into my day. It is a habit to be healthy. We daily make choices that will add to or take away from our lives. I want to stay healthy and get to enjoy my girls as long as I can. We have a good diet rich in vegetables, beans, fruit,  & nuts. I have seen so many people in my family slowly deteriorate because of poor health choices. I have been thinking about what I can do to change this pattern and teach a new way of life to my children.

My step dad is doing this program that encourages you to walk ten thousand steps each day. He is the most physically fit person I know and he is still challenging himself. If he can do this at sixty, surely I can step it up at 34. 

This average amount of activity can help reduce blood pressure, reduce your risk of colon cancer, reduce risk of diabetes, protect your brain from dementia, relieve stress, and help you lose weight. I thought I would try it out. I walk every day, but this is taking the habit to a whole new level. Time to order my pedometer. Who will do this with me? 


Anne Smith said…
i would love to! where are you getting a pedometer from?
Steph Cherry said…
I ordered a white and pink one off of Amazon.
maggie may said…
you WOULD have a pink and white pedometer, you cutie pie! :)
justin just started a competition at work to become healthier, and so of course, as a family, we're all in.
whole grain, anyone? ;)
Steph Cherry said…
That's what my step dad is doing. It's called Virgin Health Miles. xo

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