Gomer: First Baptist Church of Kyle

The First Baptist Church of Kyle graced our doorstep this past Thursday. It was wonderful. These youth were a joy to be around. They did sanding and scraping on the outside of the house. They used heat guns on the wood inside. Trees were trimmed. The yard was mowed. The triangle was trimmed and mowed. Then we got to put a little more paint on the house. It is joyous indeed to behold white boards. Come strip and paint one yourself. Bring some friends. Bring all your friends. Free joy for everyone.

We are about to take Gomer on the road for the summer. Yes, I understand that we cannot literally take our house on the road, but we take the grace and love on the road. We will be pouring out on Carolina Creek Christian Camp in a few weeks. Say a little prayer for us.

If your church or small group or you and your bestie from kindergarden want to come work on the house this summer, let me know. We would love to have you.


Lookin good!

And that pic of Denbigh w/ the hot dogs made me think about what a servant he is. Stephanie is too, but I kind of expect that from the lady of the house, but when we had lunch w/ you, Denbigh was either serving us w/ Stephanie or serving all three of us ladies, or taking care of the kids so we could chat. I am thankful Denbigh gets to be such a Christ-like example to all the men and boys he meets.

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