Talk to me, Abba

I am not the cause of your problem. I am your solution. Turn from your prayerless state and ask Me for the thing you need. Come to Me when you are weary or burdened instead of unloading your problems on someone else. I want to heal your situation. I want you to experience rest. My deep desire is for you to relinquish control and let me reign over your parenting, your marriage, your home. Simply praise Me and call on Me in My power and holiness. I want you and everyone around you to see and be healed by My glory. 

" Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest."
Matthew 11:28


Cindy Foote said…
needed to read those words tonight. thank you!
maggie may said…
ah, i needed that.
it's so easy to rely on people but i really need to take it all to God.
it's a good thing.;)
Steph Cherry said…
me too. xo
Rachelle said…
Just curious..a friend of mine was telling me about a "visionary" who had seen Jesus..and paints dreams, and visions from God. Her name is Akiane. I went to her website and I have mixed feelings...something doesn't sit well...If you get a chance..could you check it out..and maybe do a post or get back with me? is the website. I was reading her blogs. some things make perfect sense...others are strange. Just curious to know what you think. i have learned that the only real truth is the Bible..but I am wondering if things aren't sitting well with just me...

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