Gomer: We Interrupt This Broadcast.

For the next few months we will be on the road as Denbigh leads worship and I will be showing you the other side of Gomer. The internal and external workings in the stead of the work on the house. One thing we are really passionate about is adoption. Though we would love to adopt, we would never pass a home study with our house in the constant state of remodel. We do the best thing we know how to do since we cannot yet bring an orphan home. We love on and support those who do. In a few weeks, my dear friend Cindy Foote will be releasing an EP all about adoption. You can find out about it at nodoubleyellowline.com. You can also come to an evening of celebrating James 1:27 on June 17th. Check out the web site and join me for dinner. 


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