Gomer: What do you think?

My dear friend Pauline gave me an antique frame she got at an estate sale (which I love). She has a matching one (which I also love that we both have one). When we bought this vanity, I almost bought the matching mirror and then I remembered that I had this fabulous frame. So we took it and had a mirror mounted in it. You really have to see it to appreciate it. I adore it.

 I was taking a picture with my phone to show you and when I uploaded it, I saw my husband in the back without a shirt on!! To keep the blog from going x-rated, I covered him up. Now, I am on to picking out a light fixture. I read that at the turn of the last century, when our house was built, pineapples were a sign of hospitality. I liked that and thought it went well with our 45 foot palm trees (tropical theme). Here.s my question: Do you like this light fixture? I thought it looked antiquey and would match the look I have going. Let me know what you think?

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Emily said…
Love it! Love that mirror and vanity too! It's coming together in such a lovely way - with personal touches and stories all over!
PTom said…
Pineapples?! Maybe I know now why I haven't EBay'd the old brass pineapple door knocker that came in a "box of stuff" at an auction. If it fits Gomer, it'll be a two-way blessing.
Emily said…
Oh Steph, if you use the knocker, please post a picture. It sounds lovely. Or maybe just let me know when it's hung, and we'll come see it ourselves.
P.S. Would also love pics of the nursery coming together. If you need help, let me know. Totally in a nesting mode and I hope to be done in the next week or two with ours (that's probably when you'll be done too - you're a much more productive worker!).
Stephanie said…
I think it is very nice!

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