The Butterfly Effect by Andy Andrews

Last week I reviewed The Boy Who Changed the World by Andy Andrews. This is the grown up and equally inspirational version of that story. It chronicles how the action of one person caused a ripple effect into billions of peoples lives. Each story builds upon the one before and serves as a powerful reminder of how powerful the simple things we do in our lives can be.

I was challenged and encouraged by each story in the book. Even the explanation of the Butterfly Effect (a scientific theory become law) and how it was challenged and outright mocked reminded me to press on toward the goal. There are multiple chronicles of how the actions of one person effected countless lives. The beauty of the whole story line is that all of this change started with a rescue and an adoption. Much like all of our stories in Christ. What simple kindness will we extend that might change the world?
This is a great book for your coffee table or guest room. You can easily read it in one short sitting.
This book was provided for review by Thomas Nelson Publishers.


maggie may said…
Thanks for the insight! Sounds really good. I like rescues and I like adoptions. ;)

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