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Do you remember when Ed Young encouraged his congregation to have sex every day for a week? It was all over the news. People everywhere were completely shocked by this. I thought, "really?" Shouldn't we be masters of the art? Hasn't anyone read the Song of Solomon? We have so churched it up and treated it as taboo so long that we are bored out of our minds and no one is doing it. I even felt awkward about addressing it on my blog. I also remember reading a book by a prominent Christian author before I got married that treated the issue so clinically that it made me wary to participate. Well, I stepped out of the bubble just long enough to let the pretense fall away. I secretly want to replace all those fish stickers on "our" cars with stickers that read, "Women, stop your incessant whining and learn to enjoy your man." I know. It wouldn't go over. The fact is, we complain so much about our needs not being met and our yards not being mowed on time (that's not innuendo)that we don't have time for the greatest indulgence God has given us. Imbibe, my sisters.



Darlene said…
Preach it sister! I feel so sad for Christian wives that are only participants out of duty and not excitement. Those that never find the passion that drives them to chase their beloved back and enjoy the mutual desire of a blessed marriage in Jesus Christ. Yup, IMO, those women live in the shadows, thinking they are being righteous in their behavior. We have to not be afraid to risk it all and let our husbands know our passion and desire for them. Wives,enjoy the gift that was given to you!

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