Gomer: Copper Bath

This is what our bathroom looked like on the day we viewed the house to consider buying it. We still bought it. If you ever wondered if countertop formica on the bathroom wall and sponge painting your bathtub pink would be a good idea. This is your answer.

We took down that hideous shower ring, the formica, and sanded down the tub to refinish it. Denbigh primed and refinished the outside of the tub in copper. I love it. Now we have to refinish the feet and the redo the porcelain on the inside of the tub. Then it's on to fixtures and so forth. You will probably see a thrilling blog about a faucet in the future! 

Come take a bath! 

Bonus: Here is a story about a woman who lived here as a child. She just turned 106!

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