Rasmus and the Vagabond by Astrid Lindgren

There are a couple of voracious readers in the Cherry house. I never miss an opportunity to review a young reader because Lulu will be hot on my heels to read it. She kept telling me to hurry up as well as sneaking it out of my room. I am quite certain that you will see it on her blog soon.

This was a cute book in my humble opinion. The author, Astrid Lindgren also wrote Pippi Longstocking. This story follows upon the same whimsical lines as Pippi. The characters just plain make you happy. The vagabond, Oscar, refers to himself as "God's best friend." It's terribly cute. We follow our escaped orphan and his traipsing friend all over the country side as they seek food, shelter, and fight bandits. There is a lot of sweet character in this book. Of course, you could pick it apart morally, but I just enjoyed their story. It's like Pippi. Of course we see the things that are not perfect, but her character and heart shine through. It's much like most people we know. Share it with your kids. 

This book was graciously provided for review by Plough Publishing.


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