Let My Spirit Hear

I'm stripping the paint off this built in bookcase.
When I was growing up, the Von Erich wrestling family was a big deal. These brothers were a force to be reckoned with. In a tag team match up when one massive, strong brother needed a break, he simply called for his equally forceful brother to take his place and give him a break. I found myself standing in my kitchen this week wishing that I had a tag team partner. This has been a week of vomit, tantrums, things falling apart, and health issues. If y'all could just send me a Von Erich. 

I'm really glad for random funny things that pop into my head. They take the burden off all that we have taken on here. I did make the mistake of looking up the Von Erich family on Wikipedia. It made me so sad. Only one of the six brothers are still living. 

Sometimes you think things are tiresomefor you and then you read a much more tragic story. I am bone deep tired from all of the hats I wear. Then I have been reading Kisses From Katie and then the Von Erich story and I think things could be much worse. Things could be much more devastating. Then, I also have to remind myself that just because my case isn't the worst case scenario doesn't mean it isn't hard. It still requires healing, grace, and mercy. It can be hard with a naturally joyful disposition to want to take things head on, but I am trying. It's back to the doctor. It's hard talks. It's asking for help. It's bathing every single thing in prayer. 

As I strip paint, chase children, work, counsel, paint, clean, and deal with hurt, I see this favorite book of mine sitting on my desk. 
I opened it to this.
"Then shall all shackles fall; the
stormy clangor
Of wild war music o'er the earth
shall cease;
Love shall tread out the baleful fire of anger,
And in it's ashes plant the tree of

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