Own Your Life by Sally Clarkson

I usually post books that I have been given by the publishing company, but I kept seeing this book and downloaded it to read while traveling. If you have read Sally's books, you love her. She writes in such humble and caring ways. Her words help us think that we are going to make it. This book is no different. Sally really drove home the things I think we all want. 

We want to order our day without idolizing it. We want to be fully present with our children while encouraging them to fly. Our desire is to love our husbands deeply and with full humility so that we are blessing them to become and be. It seems to be quite a lot. We all want this mentor to speak life giving words into our ears to help us be and do and live. Most of us just have these nagging voices surrounding us because people are generally not equipped to work in such a way. Sally is. She speaks life into our very core. She is that voice in the desert of motherhood and marriage that not only urges us to press on, but to honor and love in it. Pick up a copy and enjoy Sally's wisdom.


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