Woman of Courage by Wanda E. Brunstetter

It took me several weeks to get through this book. That's somewhat unusual for me. It was a little longer than normal, but it don't think that was it. I went back and forth with really enjoying the book, being bored, and thinking I've seen this plot line before. Sometimes, the conversations about God seemed quite contrived. I did however think it was a sweet tale. It wasn't overtly romantic, which was nice. The focus was on God and serving him. It showed much of the how and why we tend to run from the Lord based on our human experience. 

I thought it was quite interesting to see how arduous and lengthy trips across America were in these times. They were perilous and many did not survive. Some of the Indian beliefs were equally interesting. I did think the author could confuse the reader by saying Yahweh and the Great Spirit could be one in the same. I probably wouldn't lend this book out. 

This book was graciously provided by the publisher for review. 


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