She Reads Truth

I cried when I saw that She Reads Truth was going to do a short study on Hosea. The prophet Hosea's deep and wild pursuit of Gomer is the most intense picture of Christ's love for us. If you want to see deep with in the story of the Prophet and the Prostitute, join me in studying at for the next eighteen days. Delve into the healing of the unrelenting pursuit of God for your heart.

Five years ago we purchased a 100 year old three story Antebellum mansion to completely restore. We use is as a respite and a refugee camp of sorts for wounded and weary pastors and missionaries. We feed addicts and those who love them. I had many years before had this unrelenting obsession with the type of woman Gomer must have become. I thought long and hard about her picture as the bride of Christ fully restored. How beautiful and how lovely she must have been. We named our house after her because of the lengths her husband went to in order to fully restore her. Beautiful.


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