Talk to me, Abba.

Sometimes, amidst the chaos and the noise I can hardly think my own thoughts. My mind is constantly bombarded with the words of those around me . . . the words of my children. Even when I awake early in the morning I find that my brain is still cluttered with the words that take over my days. Often, I find myself with my head still on my pillow simply asking Jesus what He wants for the day. What does He want to say. What does He want. 

Abba, I just want to be near you. I want to listen to you. Tell me your heart. Bend my ear. Talk to me through the clutter, the noise, the chaos of this life. Let me hear Your voice. Your beauty abounds in every spring flower. It abounds in the soft songs of my children and in their laughter. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for this day to bear witness to your grace. You lavish me with grace upon grace from your fullness. Thank you.


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