How to Get a Button out of a Child's Nose.

It was Saturday night and we were all beginning to get ready for church on Sunday. Denbigh was shining his shoes and ironing his clothes. All three of our girls were playing happily in their room. My husband said something about how nice and quiet it was. (You can imagine that this doesn't happen much here.) Of course, we all know that you are never supposed to make remarks like that. Our middle child was being quiet because she had put some thing up her nose and was trying to get it out. Eventually, she came and told me that she could not get the round thing out of her nose.

Y'all, the emotional upheaval of this parenting thing is too much. Attaching your heart to tiny human beings is a roller coaster ride to say the least. My husband decided to try and pull this thing out with tweezers and he was getting frustrated that she wouldn't just sit still and let the man get it out. She's three. She was in full blown hysterics. She is weeping and shaking and telling us that she couldn't breathe. Thankfully, we know that if you are talking you can breathe. This didn't keep me from getting upset however. My sweet girl was so exhausted that her eyes kept rolling back in her head. After about an hour of this, (while Denbigh is texting our pediatrician) I decided she and I needed to take a little walk and calm down. We went down to the kitchen and got a cookie. I sat her on the counter and talked about the spices I use for cooking. She thought it was so interesting. I asked her if she had ever smelled mommy's pepper. I poured it out in my hand and let her touch and smell it. Then, I rubbed a dab on her nose. We came back upstairs and I laid her in my lap and held her and talked to her. Then, a huge sneeze and a button flying out! Bless the Lord, y'all. I know Jesus gave me that idea. 

The funny thing is that she kept telling me that the thing she put up her nose was green, but when it came out, it was definitely white.  

We celebrated her heroics and she wore her Supergirl cape and princess heels to church on Sunday. 
I thought I would share in case any of you other mommas need the idea later. Grab the pepper.


Jennifer said…
I love this story!! Thank to Lord for His divine little nudges as parents. I love seeing Him in even the smallest of circumstances. And yes, the upheaval of parenting is far too much some days and so beautiful other days.

(Once Paul found a small golf tee and put the pointy end in his ear. I turned to look at him just as he put it in his ear and proceed to fall on that side..blood, screaming, the whole nine yards. My heart leap into my throat as I scooped him up and raced to the pediatrician's office! I'm always thankful the Lord helps me to remain calm during this instances, because I know it is Him steadying me each time!)

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