Gomer, I Carried a Watermelon.

Hello, y'all.  Part of the week, Denbigh and I were out of town. In case you missed it, here is my post on Hope Spoken. Sunday we went to church with my momma and saw some lovely faces of old friends. She attends the church Denbigh and I were married in almost eleven years ago. Monday was a day of laundry. 

I thought I would share a pic of the tape falling off the wall because I think it is funny. I looks like someone toilet-papered (is that hyphenated?) the inside of my house. If you get a hankering to slap up some dry wall mud, come on over. 
Tuesday came and our friend Dave came to volunteer for the day. The toilet in our second floor bath needed the floor under it redone and some leaks to be fixed. They thought this would be a simple job that would require a few hours of work. As you can guess with rehabbing a 100 year old house, there was more to it. When they pulled the floor up, they realized that there was no support under it and that some pipes were leaking. That meant that they had to rebuild a frame, replace the pipes, replace the floor, add a concrete backer board, and reseat the toilet. The simple project ended up taking eleven hours. Poor Dave ended up volunteering at our house until 10:30 at night. The Lord bless him, y'all. You can now use the toilet on the second floor without wobbling. We joked about it having a weight limit. Next, we finish making it beautiful.
Since it can be tricky to cook and keep children from falling through a two foot wide hole in the floor,  I went and picked up a fabulous treat for everyone. City Market BBQ has been featured on The Food Network and Texas Monthly as one of the top ten BBQ places to eat in America. You'd never know it by looking at the place, but you'd soon find out when you bit into the most amazing sausage on the planet. 

So, I went there with a giant baby in tow. As I saw the amount of food my husband ordered, I was getting concerned as to how I was going to carry the food and the baby back down the street to the car. A stranger on his way out glanced over at me and asked if I would like some help. I was so ecstatic about Jesus sending him to me. He just smiled and said, "yes, ma'am." I prayed buckets of blessings over Darrell the whole drive home. 
In other non-rehab news, we have been homeschooling on the porch in this glorious weather and picking wild flowers all over the place. I also planted a watermelon patch. Prepare yourself for many Dirty Dancing references. "I carried a watermelon."

This post was brought to you with a weeping child in tow. It's a tiny blogging miracle. Love y'all.
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