Hosea: Buying Our Gomer Back

Hello friends of Gomer, 
as you may know, we refinanced our house. It has no doubt been the craziest ride. Wednesday night I called my husband at worship practice and told him that I wanted him to come home right then. I was feeling really odd. For a woman who is never ill, it was disturbing me. On Thursday, my left arm had gone numb along with the left side of my face. These are symptoms of a stroke and a heart attack. I headed to Urgent Care that evening and received my first EKG. I rocked it. Apparently, there is some inflammation in my neck from the car wreck. They couldn't pinpoint the source of the facial tingling, but he thought it might be viral because of my other symptoms. I don't currently have insurance (you can pray for that) so I was worried about the cost of all this. We were handing over everything we had the next day. Someone came in to the Urgent Care that night and paid my bill. I couldn't make this stuff up, beloved. That was the night before our closing. 

Friday morning, we still hadn't heard a time for our closing and we didn't have an itemized total that we needed to have with us. The title company was really bad about communicating with us. We finally receive our total and it is about four thousand more than we expected. It seems that our home owner decided to add in the taxes for the last year (which we already paid him) and add two thousand dollars to our total. Deep breath. We contact the title company. He can't double charge us the taxes, but they cannot challenge what he says is due (even if it defies our contract). Denbigh calls my parents and has them wire the money to us as a loan. It arrives at 2:30 into our account. We purchase our cashier's check for $27,000 and we are off. My friend Jen graciously offered to watch the girls at the park while we closed. She offered that day by God's grace. 

Then we were off. I was holding a check for $27,000. That was a first for me. We signed our papers and thanked the Lord for this miracle He performed for us. Back to the park to hang with my friend Jen. To celebrate, we went and dined on some Mexican food at a local favorite. Now we are rebuilding. 

When we lived close to Buda, we used to drive down Cherry street all of the time. It just made me happy. There was a house at the end of the street that I just loved. I'll post a picture at the bottom. I was in love with this house. I stared at it for a minute. It looks remarkably similar to Gomer. God has a way of giving us the desires of our heart...even if we come the hard way. 

Hosea redeems. Hosea 3:2
He is a picture of Christ to us.

Love y'all and buy some art from me. Valentine's is coming and I have the greatest jewelry hangers. 

Cherry Street House we loved years ago.
P.S. Thanks to Bandera State Bank for funding our loan.
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Tiffany B. said…
Wow, it really does look like Gomer! Praise God for how He works in all the intricacies of our lives.
maggie may said…
God is so incredible. so big. it is astounding how He orchestrates big demonstrations of His ability to care for us. amazing.
Steph Cherry said…
It does. Our house originally had that porch as well. We are planning on putting it back. Love to you!
Steph Cherry said…
He is. He had already had that extra money to pay my parents back en route to us too. Love you and blessings to you.

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