An Update on Gomer

Last year was sure one for the books. All the odds just started stacking up against us. If crazy attack out of nowhere is confirmation of calling, we are confident of our calling. There is much beauty and relief in being brought to your knees for a thing. Since purchasing this house, I have thought long and hard about Hosea purchasing Gomer back from slavery in Hosea 3:2. Hosea couldn't afford to just go pay cash when God told him to buy her back. He gave everything he had and paid the rest in barley. She was a pearl of great price in the hands of the Lord. That's where we sit. Our crazy house situation has left us needing to come to the table with $23,000 and closing costs. That's about $25,000. We cannot pay half in barley, either. 

I drew a deep breath when we received this news. I started looking at our funds. If we take our fund for our ministry car, our restoration and operating budget for 2014, and all of our Christmas money, we have $23,300. It actually blew my mind that we had this much money available to us. Jesus snuck up on me with His provision. So we skipped giving Christmas gifts to one another and we started praying. We only need a little over a thousand dollars. My mind is blown. Jesus is purchasing a house to bring love and healing to others. 

Please join us in prayer for the remaining funds to come in. If you are interested in helping to replenish the operating budget for the year, buy art or pie! We love HEB, Target, and Lowe's gift cards. Even $5 can help us on a project or to put a meal on the table. We love veggies from your garden. Thank you for helping us be the hands and feet of Christ. 

You know, I often feel like Mary Bailey from It's A Wonderful Life. She was busy fixing up her old mansion with a brood underfoot. I have felt like we have been living in the scene at the end of the movie where all of the friends of the Bailey family show up and start giving the little money they had to save George. Sure, there are Mr. Potters in the world, but Jesus is bigger. 

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maggie may said…
excited to see just how God provides all that y'all need and the amazing testimony that will come from it. praying God not only provides the 25000 but also replenishes the fund so you guys can serve the community this year.

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