Gomer's Healthy.

Hello, friends of Gomer.

Just in case you were worried, we didn't just sit back and coast through our week. Our sweet girls came down with a gross tummy bug. It was one girl after another getting sick over and over. This lasted from Thursday to Sunday. Denbigh and I didn't get sick like the girls, but it sure knocked us down. Thankfully, it seems all are rested and recuperated. I had to miss the baby shower of my dear friend, but I was thankful to care for and snuggle my sweet babies. Mr. Denbigh did laundry for several days straight while I cared for the girls. I am thankful for him.

One of the things God is continually telling me to do is to share my life and allow it to encourage others. The good, the bad, and the vomit. One thing that is really important to me is my marriage to Denbigh. There were many marriages in the generation before us and so we pray that God will redeem this by stirring our hearts to covenant. I'm currently in the middle of Praying For Your Husband From Head To Toe. This has led me to a renewed effort to finish our bedroom and create a space of sanctuary and intimacy. I found these great Mr. & Mrs. pillows to remind me to continually be in prayer for my man and for how I show Christ to him as his wife.

He did manage to get a little bit of wrap and foam up in our bedroom...even through all the sickness. I took his picture and he told me that he better not see it on the internet. Maybe he won't read this post. Have a blessed week. 

You know, I was thinking about our homeowner wanting more money at the end. I also thought about how I kept comparing this payoff to 
It's A Wonderful Life. It only makes sense that "Mr. Potter" would try to rear his ugly head at the end. 
*I'm praying he sells his possessions and is called to the mission field.

Love y'all.

Give to Gomer's House.


Unknown said…
I will forever keep The Gomer House in my prayer. So glad that all is well with everyone. I am so encouraged of the love that you have for your HuSbAnd, that I pray everyday that I will someday be bless to love a man in a the way that you guys love one another. I absolutely love you guys.

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