Chuck and Cindy: the Jesus version

Like I said before, grief is a funny thing. When my brother, Mike, died, I watched all of these quirky movies he loved. They brought this comfort to me. I also came across the movie Elizabethtown. The movie is about a man who is on a journey to the place where his father had died to prepare for his burial. Of course, he had lost his job and his woman left him all at the same time. All this losing that is remnant of a country song reminded me of one of my favorite verses in scripture. "In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord." It is such a powerful reminder that pain, if we let it, very often induces intimacy with Jesus.

This movie is sad and silly. One of the things that took the edge off of the deep grief was that in the hotel where this man was staying there was a wedding party. There were posters of "Chuck and Cindy: the Wedding" all over the place. Chuck was always hugging him and hi jinks ensued. Now, I probably watched this movie once a month for a year. It made me laugh when I really needed to. I kept laughing and telling Denbigh that I wanted my own Chuck and Cindy.

After being led by the Lord away from spiritual abuse in our last church, I really didn't ever want to work in another church again. We turned down several opportunities to do so. Then God started pointing in a very surprising direction.

The day before my husband was to go meet with a man about coming on staff at his church, he was walking around our house looking for this missing piece of his drill that changes out the bits. That thing is called a "chuck." After he said he was looking for his "chuck" for the third or fourth time, I said, "Isn't that the name of the guy you are meeting tomorrow?" Denbigh never found his chuck, but he found Chuck. Jesus led us into a safe place under the shadow of His wings. I know you are wondering what Chuck's wife is named. Sandy. Chuck and Sandy. They're our Jesus version of Chuck and Cindy.

If you come across a chuck, however, please send it to our P.O. Box.


maggie may said…
i'm so glad you have chuck and sandy. God is so good at bringing people to refresh us and encourage us when we need it.
Steph Cherry said…
I pray you get your own CHuck and Sandy, Mags! I love how Jesus helps us laugh when we need to. love you.

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