Unpacking Christmas

How was your Christmas? Full of merriment and fun? Full of deadlock traffic and a car filled with stuff. I'll be honest, sometimes Christmas overwhelms me. There is so much that must change hands for some people to feel happy. I sit in my house completely overwhelmed by all the remnants of the holiday. Where shall I put it all? Do we really need all of this? So, I begin sorting through all we have for what we can share because we genuinely have too much. 

I must say, it is not fun to pack up five people for a week and live out of a suitcase, but I truly enjoy being with family. I love that just for a moment we can get some of them to turn off the tv, talk to us, and have an elegant dinner. That is special to me. I get tired of complaining and backbiting that is so common today. My favorite thing is to share a lovely meal with a friend or loved one and share what we are thankful for, things we are enjoying, and who we love. 

Christmas can be hard as I want my brothers to be with me. They are eating at the Lord's table and I am glad for them.

I cannot even begin to tell you how God goes over and beyond to give us good gifts. Sometimes, God's provision is completely overwhelming. I am a crumpled up heap under the weight of His mercy. He has given me good things this Christmas. I was thinking about one thing I would give my entire family if I could. It would be the gift of joy. May we all release the bitter and complaining spirits we sit under and just be grateful for the peace of Christ. He is good. 


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