Wild Times.

Well, friends of Gomer, here we are at "The Wild" waterpark. (Don't worry, Gomer's House is working and we are letting someone live there currently.) Denbigh generally leads worship four times a day starting at 8 a.m. and the last ending around 11 p.m. There are three different camps on this property and we run between them all. Thousands of people come and go constantly. You can really only imagine the insanity, the fun, and the spiritual warfare that abounds here. This last week I came down with some funky illness. This is something that doesn't really happen to me. I guess with all the people it was bound to happen. Denbigh is having a health issue too. Please say a little prayer for him. He is the only uninsured member of our family. Of course, where the Gospel abounds, spiritual warfare cometh. Say a prayer for all the people who work here. Many of them have gone several nights with no sleep to get this water park open for kids to come hear about Jesus. Check out CarolinaCreek.org and come visit us!


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